The real tools you need to manifest

The real tools you need to manifest.

You have to use all elements.

Fire- The feeler and the seer(expressing what you see)
Water- The feeler and the emotions(surrounding the feeling with emotions) basically being in your feelings 
Both right brain emotions

Air- Thinking and communication 
Earth- Thinking and practically 
Both left brain emotions

Air need fire 
Earth needs water and Vise versa

Air: Think of and communicate the ideas.

Fire: Have passion about the idea. Visual it

Earth: Think practically. Come up with a common sense plan. What's the action plan.

Water: Feel and project the emotions you have for the idea

In summary Have the idea, then give it the emotions, that's when you create the illusion, (your dream), now it can become real.

Dont get discouraged when you start to attract opposite of what you want at first. That's how the law of attraction works. What you focus on will always attract the opposite. Why would anything attract what it already has.